Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Liebster.

I won a Liebster award!

I was nominated by the lovely Jasmine Angell, and most unexpectedly.

Thank you, Jasmine! You are most kind.

It may not be a Man Booker or a Nobel Prize, but it meant a lot to be noticed and I fully intend to pass on the honour.

From my research, I have surmised that the Liebster Award is a blogger to blogger award distributed to bloggers whose material you enjoy. Said bloggers should be new to blogging or have fewer than 200 followers.

In order to accept the award, I must answer 11 questions about myself, set by the person who nominated me. 

Here are Jasmine's questions for me:

Q1: What was the last movie you saw in the movie theatre, and would you recommend it to a friend?
A1: Transformers 4. I wouldn't recommend it - it's excessively long, empty and I am not particularly fond of Michael Bay's work!

Q2: What are your biggest pet peeves?
A2: I cannot stand when the kitchen sink is used as a bin. The bin is right there! I also get very frustrated when people interrupt me because they're scared they might forget what they're going to say. Your memory, or lack of it, is not my problem. Conversations have two sides!

Q3: When do you normally write posts for your blog, day or night?

A3: Usually during the afternoon or evening.

Q4: Take a step back in time and think about your high-school-aged self. What would that high school student think of you now?
A4: I think she'd be really excited to meet someone else who liked books. Academia wasn't as important as smoking, punching or sex at my school.

Q5: What is your personal philosophy about blogging?
A5: "Without passion, there is no purpose. Without purpose, there is no point, and what is a pencil without a point?"

Q6: Who was your favourite teacher during your school years?
A6: Susan Cook, my history teacher. She was the most helpful and knowledgeable teacher I had, teaching me how to learn and evaluate, not just what to learn.

Q7: What is the most unusual cake you've ever seen in real life?
A7: It was for a baby shower. It had a vagina giving birth to a baby, immortalised in icing, and contained more jam than was necessary. I politely declined to sample a slice!

Q8: If you were a super hero, who would you choose to be?
A8: I like Jean Grey / Phoenix. Telepathy and telekinesis are definitely on my Christmas list this year.

Q9: Which would you choose: a mountain retreat or beach escape?
A9: I would choose a beach escape. I love being by the water and feeling sand between my toes.

Q10: What is the most unusual gift you've ever bought someone?
A10: I once bought someone a garden gnome, and painted its' face to look like Gene Simmons when he performs with Kiss.

Q11: If you could immerse yourself in any foreign culture, what would it be?
A11: Norwegian. They really love books and writers in Norway. They have an adult literacy rate of 100%, university education is free, the government substantially funds culture, all published material is required by law to enter the National Library, who are currently digitizing their entire collection... I could go on. I'd love to learn the language and meet the people.

I must now include eleven random facts about myself, in order to accept.

Random facts about me:

1. I rode horses until I was thirteen.
2. I am a vegetarian.
3. My favourite book is Lolita, by Vladimir Nabokov.
4. I cry every time I watch Short Circuit 2.
5. Unicorns are my favourite mythical creature.
6. I politely (and usually, internally) ask myself not to die whilst crossing the road, without exception.
7. I used to have an enormous crush on teenage Taylor Hanson. Ah, '97. Simpler times.
8. I am 5ft 0 and often have to stand on my tip-toes or chairs for things.
9. I am Scottish, with a lot of Irish and Highland blood in my family history.
10. I am never happier than when surrounded by books. (My family and friends are not too shabby, either.)
11. I am rather partial to a cup of tea.

I will do a separate post with my nominations, and questions for my nominees.

You'll excuse me, but I must go. I just heard the kettle boiling.

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